About Thiyama-li

Thiyama-li is a not for profit organisation that provides a quality Family Violence Prevention Legal Service that is responsive to the needs of their clients and community.


What Thiyama-li means

“Thiyama-li” means to rise up in Kamilaroi . We help indigenous women, children and men who experience family violence or sexual assault.

Our aims

Thiyama-li is committed to providing a quality service which includes the provision of individualised services that are:

  • Culturally appropriate
  • Accessible
  • Equitable and
  • Non-judgmental.

Establish an understanding that family violence and sexual assault in any form is not acceptable behavior and is not part of Aboriginal culture.

  • Provide legal assistance to victims of family violence and sexual assault
  • Increase recognition of the problem of family violence and other forms of violence in Aboriginal communities through education
  • Identify barriers and to lobby for improved services for Indigenous people.

Our Vision

To empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples not to tolerate generational violence.

Our Mission Statement

To achieve our vision, Thiyama-li will be a professional organisation which will be transparent and ethical while providing a trusting and safe environment.

Our annual report

2020 Annual Report

Questions and answers

What is Family Violence?

Family Violence includes but is not limited to domestic violence. Domestic Violence is when one person in a present or past relationship uses violence or abuse to cause fear and to gain control over the other person.

Family Violence involves the same pattern of abusive behaviors between members of a family. Family/domestic violence can take many forms including:

  • physical
  • sexual
  • psychological
  • emotional
  • social
  • financial
  • spiritual and
  • cultural abuse

ALL forms of violence are unacceptable. Family Violence is a crime.

Who can we help?

Thiyama-li can help people who have been victims of family violence or sexual assault. If our service cannot assist you we will refer you to someone who can.

Is there a time limit for applying?

There is a 2-year limit after the act of violence occurred to lodge a claim however there are exceptions to this which include cases of domestic violence and sexual assault.

How long does the process take?

Victims Services provide an estimate that matters can take up to 25 months to be finalised.

Why counselling?

In some cases, Counselling is a requirement to assist in the processing of your application for Victims Support. You can receive up to 10 hours of initial free counselling from Victims Services. Further free counselling may be applied for.

Who is eligible for Victims Support?

If you have been a victim of an act of violence, domestic violence or sexual assault you may be eligible for Victims Support.

Where must the act of violence occurred?

The act of violence must have occurred in NSW. If the act of violence occurred outside NSW we can refer you to someone who can help.

How much will it cost?

There is no cost.

What should I do if I think I have a claim?

Please make an appointment with our service.

Do I have to go to Court?